JLEARN: learn foreign languages

What is it ?

JLearn is an application dedicated to the study of foreign languages. It is a flash-card type application: a word it chosen at random from a dictionary, and the user must give the translation in the chosen language.

How does it work ?

Contrary to other flash-card software, answer is not choosen in a list or the words set as 'known'. In JLearn, the answer must be typed explicitely. To avoid small languages variations, several correct answers are possible for each word.

How to get it ?

The best is to use the download page of the project hosted on sourceforge. Download the last file JLearn1.x.zip, and unzip it. Enter the created folder, and run jlearn.bat
The program is still under development. It can run, but maybe it cannot suit everyone.

Which languages are supported ?

As the only developer is french, all dictionaries are written for french language. They concern the following languages:

How to use different languages ?

Dictionaries are stored as text files, and are easy to modify.
First line contains the name of the different categories used, usually different languages or different version of a language. Ex:

Different entries are separated by a slash '/', different version of the same translation are separated by a colon ':'. Example:
word123/bread/du pain:pain/das Brot:Brot
In this example, token 'word123'  is a key, used to store the word, and which must be unique for each entry in the dictionary. 'bread' correspond to translations in first language, i.e. english. Translations for second language, french, comprise 'pain' and 'du pain'.

How to get help ?

Please ask a question in one of the forum.
French reading people may also consider the french version of this page.

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